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well been spending past few days with you so it's an excuse :) guess it's better late than never...

Happy LATE Birthday Gonky, Love you.


well thats me back from florida......it was good. Missed a few of you's quite alot. And one or two others i didnt miss who i hope die pretty soon, yes you know who you are so go do it please :)
thats it.
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So today i have been a dick and for the past few days i haven't been me, i dunno why but it's been that way.

I made someone think something that wasn't true today, unintentionally of course.

and i just want to say im So sorry, i can't express how sorry i really am.

That's all i have to say

Sorry for being a dick and i promise :)
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hahahahhaha @ all tims!

Well i was drinking from 1pm yesterday til .....4.30 am didnt stop, and right now im still fucked from it tho i am sobering slowly and painfully, it was worth it tho.....sort of. Last night nicolas party was amazing some laugh, then for obvious reasons it got ruined, that part sucked.

Today as i said im still under influence of alcohol, my own fault i guess. Last night at party i remember all the tims singing who's winning the league, it looks like it was .........US DIRTY ORANGE BASTARDS! GET IT UP YE'S YA PRICKS, Must be a heavy gutter losing the league due to a tim scoring 2 past you's. I think im gonna get me more alcohol and celebrate with lubo.

Cheerio Martin O'Neil ya specky prick.
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